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Light After Dark (Gansett Island Series, Book 16)

By Marie Force

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It’s a summer of new beginnings and maybe even love.

"Light After Dark is a welcome return to the island. We get real life family issues as well as believable characters and the must have - Happily Ever After." —Lisa at Comfy Chair Reviews

Mallory Vaughn is at a crossroads in her life. A year after learning that Big Mac McCarthy is her father, she’s spending more and more time on Gansett Island, surrounded by the large and boisterous McCarthy family. When she’s laid off from her longtime job, Mallory goes to visit her family on Gansett and tries to figure out the next chapter. An unexpected job offer will have her packing up her home in Providence to move to the island for at least the summer, if not longer. She decides to make this the “Summer of Mallory,” full of new adventures, new people and new opportunities. Will a new love also be part of the Summer of Mallory? Anything is possible on Gansett Island, especially true love. 

Take the ferry back to Gansett to catch up with the McCarthy family and their friends. Be on hand as Laura and Owen welcome their twins and the family comes back together for another summer of love and adventure on Gansett Island. 

Book 16 in the Gansett Island Series

The Gansett Island Series
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Book 16: Light After Dark (Mallory & Quinn) 
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  • Desperate After Dark

    By Littlebit5
    Great reading
  • Just loved it!

    By Day728
    WOW what a great book! A must 😍
  • Enjoyed it

    By MrsGonsalez
    Enjoyed the summer of Mallory. I'm eager for Mason to finally win a girl though. Happy that we got to see more of the other characters as well. Good addition to the Gansett Island series
  • Gansett Island

    By Christy74441
    I loved this book from beginning to end! It's always so fun to read about a new romance on the island but we also get to catch up with some of our favorite couples. I can't wait to see who the next book will be about!

    By Ellen/Oceanside
    LIGHT AFTER DARK the 16th book in the Gansett Island Series, by Marie Force.. This is about Mallory Vaughn, ER nurse, because of cut backs, is without a job. Her pride has been hurt when security escorted out as though she was a criminal, after giving them 80 hours a week. To the father and his family she didn't know, till her mother passed, she goes. The lovable Big Mac as he is known and his wife Linda welcome her with open arms. A summer job is offered and she excepts it, and being around the favorite island residents. She has time for two men in her life now, the fire chief Mason, and Quinn, new Dr. A delightful read as all Marie Force books are. The characters. are always well defined, visiting with the ones we know again as well as meeting new. You feel the emotion of Mallory and her struggled with alcoholism. All will enjoy reading this #16 book in the Gansett series. Given ARC for my voluntary review and my honest opinion.
  • A Gansett Island Treasure

    By PattiA810
    I volunteered to read this ARC in exchange for an honest review. It is never boring on Gansett Island! The stories always keep you invested. The characters are always well developed and their dialogue and banter perfect for the scene. You will laugh out loud, you will hold your breath and you will probably shed a tear or two. I will admit that I have not read the entire series up to this book so, there were few holes in the back stories of Mallory and Quinn as well as other characters from previous books. I am going to remedy that immediately. However, that did not dimish what a great story LIGHT AFTER DARK is. Mallory has come to stay on Gansett Island for the summer since she was laid off from the hospital in Providence. She enjoys spending time with and getting to know her new found family, the McCarthys. Mallory struggles with the knowledge that her mother kept the identity of her father, Big Mac, from her for almost forty years. Quinn has taken the position of Director of the new medical facility that his brother Jared offered him. He has his own struggle with his secret prosthetic leg. Quinn doesn't want anyone to know that he lost his leg in combat. He believes it signifies a weakness and he can't have a weakness. These struggles plus other demons find Mallory and Quinn at an AA meeting where they are instantly aware of each other. They start casually dating. When Quinn injures himself and reveals his prosthetic leg, Mallory offers for him to stay at her house. It is when Mallory does not react negatively to his disability and her care for Quinn the man is genuine, that their relationship grows beyond casual and hopefully for more than the summer. This story has many elements that people struggle with every day that can be devastating and yet, Ms. Force weaves them throughout the characaters on Gansett Island with respect, compassion and perserverance. Somehow she makes everything "glass half full" even when a few tears are shed. Mallory and Quinn illustrate these traits in their beautiful love story. I totally recommend this book as well as the series. It is always a great read.