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Wild With You

By Layla Hagen

  • Genre: Contemporary, Books, Romance, Romantic Comedy
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I am wildly successful in my career. Everyone knows Graham Frazier, soccer club owner, is a winner. In my love life? Decidedly less so. But just because I'm divorced doesn't mean I can't throw my best friend the wedding party of the year. Even if marriage is a mistake.

I hadn't expected the long hours with Lori to make me wonder.

Wedding planning is Lori Connor's favorite thing, a vicarious escape from her life as a single mom. I doubt she's ever had a client fluster her like I seem to. She says she's supposed to keep my sarcasm in check, but I keep finding her eyes on my abs more than my best man's speech.

Maybe that's how her guard got lowered enough to end up spending the night with me.

I was already pursuing her relentlessly before I met her son, but damned if that kid doesn't have me wrapped around his finger even faster than his mother did.

Lori seems charmed by the bond forming between her little guy and myself. They're rapidly consuming my every waking thought—but can I truly rekindle a belief in forever?


  • wild with you

    By Fiery reigne
    nice story 5 stars thought i love landon and maddie but lori graham and milo is best
  • Wild for Graham and Lori

    By WendyR26
    This was a sweet read. Layla’s characters and storyline are always so fascinating. Lori is a single mom who does her best to balance her role as mom and breadwinner. However when she meets Graham, the chemistry is scorching. Will she be able to add a potential relationship to the mix? I enjoyed the relationship between Graham and Lori. It was sweet and romantic. They were the cutest couple. I also loved how Graham interacted with Lori’s son Milo-just the best and so involved. Lori and Milo mattered to him and he had no problem showing it. I also loved the dynamic of the Connor family. How they care and interact with each other was just awesome. Wild with You was pure bliss. I enjoyed every single thing about this book. It was fun, delightful, and loving. A wonderful story! I’m excited for Will’s book next :)
  • Fun, sexy, single parent romance

    By mj_toth
    I got swept up in this single mom romance. Lori has built an amazing business planning weddings and parties, creating a wonderful life for her son Milo. She has the help of her siblings, the Connor family, that have an incredible bond following the loss of their parents as children. When she is asked to plan a wedding on short notice for her brother Jace’s team owner, she jumps at the chance, always up for a challenge. Graham doesn’t believe in relationships but when he meets Lori, he is captivated by this woman’s strength and confidence. She shows him someone that isn’t attracted to his bank account, she actually doesn’t appear to be interested I him. Well, Graham loves a challenge too so he pulls out all the stops to get under Lori’s skin. I loved the connection between Lori and Graham as professionals first, there is a true respect for each other’s jobs as the work on the wedding. Add in the sexual tension and all the family drama, and well, I was completely sucked into their romance.
  • A must read!!!

    By sferguson105
    What a fantastic read this was!!! I love how Graham was in to Lori from the start. There were no games being played, and he showed her how special she really was. Lori was a fantastic heroine. Successful, fun, and sexy all rolled in to one. The story will have you drawn in from the start, and will keep you there with the chemistry of these two, the banter between them and the secondary characters, and the minimal amount of drama we enjoy in a romance novel. This is definitely a must read!!!
  • Wild With You by Layla Hagen

    By ronniej928
    I love, love, love Lori!! She is such a wonderful mother to Milo. I love her and Milo’s affection and love for each other. She such a caring and giving person. She cares so much about making her clients dreams come true. Graham is such a gentleman! I just loved what he did for his friends. His love for Nana is just awesome. Graham is prefect for Lori and Milo. It was amazing to read their story.
  • Wild With This Book!

    By Luz_Dukes
    Layla Hagen literally created this world with her amazing characters and wonderful story lines! Each time I read another one of her books I fall for the characters! Lori and Graham are so perfect for each other. With this book, Your Forever Love, & Your Tempting Love(even though they were siblings) She not only showcased the protagonists’ love story, but the role the characters taking in becoming step parents. I loved how she builds these relationships between the characters like Graham and Milo. She doesn’t “overnight” their relationship but gradually builds that paternal relationship.(If that make any sense.) Another thing I love is that she creates these lovely romances from people who are imperfect and real. She demonstrates how Graham had a crappy divorce and Lori is a hardworking single mom. She shows real love can happen in day to day scenarios. Each book has “swoon worthy” moments and this book is no exception. I cannot wait to read the next book. Layla Hagen has easily become one of my favorites!
  • Fantastic book

    By penny42058
    I have to say Layla Hagen has done it again! Wild With You is another winner. I loved reading about Graham and Lori. Lori is a single mother that works as an event planner. Graham and her meet when she’s planning the wedding of his two best friends, Matt and Amber. Their chemistry is off the charts and we get a beautifully written story of how we can get what we want without even knowing it. I highly recommend this and all the other books written by this author.
  • So great!!

    By Angie McGuire
    Such a great book!! It's awesome that you start with the Bennett's and continue on with the Connors. Lori and Milo were two characters that I loved in Landon's book, and when you throw Graham into the story it is just better (no, this is not a love triangle... Promise). Graham has issues with love, but he is extremely open-minded about relationships. So it is not a "love is worthless" kind of book. He is hesitant, until Lori comes into the picture. They just have a great start to their attraction, and it gets better and better. I voluntarily reviewed this book from the author. I love this series, and this book was no exception. Great read and worth it... Definitely.
  • Wild With You😍

    By sharvey34
    I can’t say enough about Layla’s writing skills. This book is great and another hit. The Connors series just add more and more steamy romance. I read it in one day. I literally couldn’t put it down. I loved how they story unfolds and just blossoms. I can’t wait for the next Connor romance... Thanks Layla for sharing your awesome gift.
  • Wow!!!

    By JenniVange
    Wow!!! I loved this book from beginning to end. I was feeling in a rut when it came to reading romances, feeling like so many of them were the same. But when I read Wild With You I was pulled right out of that rut and absolutely adored Graham and Lori (and Milo!). How can you not fall in love with a man who loves you and your little boy as much as Graham did? Even in his unsurety of his ability to be a good husband and father, he was a good man. Lori, being a single mom, was strong and sassy and I want to be her friend! A perfect couple in the Connor family tree.